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One of the great things about Z-Wave is the number of available products from a diverse set of well-known and trusted brands. So how do you know which ones are right for you? Would you like to be able to come home to a warm, well-lit home without leaving the lights on and heat turned up all day? Then look at the different smart devices aesthetics — will they match your home, do you like the design, things like that. Finally, look at the capability and functionality of each product to ensure they can do what you need them.

When evaluating the functionality, research the manufacturers website or. Ask our knowledgeable team of smart home experts. A hub is really the brain of your home — controlling and sending commands to the other connected devices in your home. Think of your Wi-Fi router — it sends Wi-Fi signals to your laptop, cable box, Amazon Echo and other devices to keep you online. The hub sends commands via Z-Wave to other devices in a similar way. Some hubs have multiple smart home radios in them Z-Wave , Bluetooth, etc so that they can perform different functions and support different products.

Smart lighting can be any lighting product — bulbs, switches, dimmers, plugs — that have Z-Wave inside. This allows you to do things like remotely control your lights, turn them on, turn them off, dim them, or brighten them from your couch while using your smartphone or when outside of the home. You can also create schedules for your smart lights to turn on at certain times, or even to turn on when your smart door lock is unlocked as you arrive home.

No more worrying about if you left the lights on! You can also easily set the lighting you want for a movie night without leaving your couch. Design your smart lighting system how you want it. These are locks that have Z-Wave technology built in and can communicate with your hub and be controlled from inside or outside the home. Smart locks allow you to know when someone has arrived home and remotely lock and unlock the door for the dog walker, the babysitter, or even the repair person.

Some locks allow you to give specific codes, and when that code is entered into the lock, you receive a notification on your smartphone to let you know that person has arrived. No keys needed, which also means no more worrying about losing keys. Simply replace your current deadbolt or lever lock to a smart lock to make your smart home easily accessible. Smart thermostats have Z-Wave inside and allow you to control the temperature and climate in your home from anywhere. They are not additional hardware, instead they simply replace your existing thermostat. Once installed, a smart thermostat can be set to a schedule that fits your family's needs.

For example, they can be turned on to warm or cool your house before you arrive home or be programmed to set the temperature to a specific degree when the garage door opens, etc. A smart thermostat also alleviates the worry of wasting energy by accidentally leaving the AC on all day while at work or on vacation.

These can take the form of a physical plug you connect to your existing outlet, an entirely new outlet, both with Z-Wave inside. These devices help you control energy usage, lights, and small appliances. These are very versatile devices for all smart homes and great entry points for a new smart home consumer.

All of the terms above refer to the piece of hardware that becomes the brain of your smart home. This product type can come in many forms. Think of a hub like your Wi-Fi router. Your router provides Wi-Fi within your home. A smart hub comes in many forms — it could be as simple as an alarm panel used for your home security, a stand-alone hub device, a thermostat, or more. The most common form is a stand-alone hub which can be found here. Smart Hubs: Where to Start.

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No, Z-Wave operates on a different wireless frequency than Wi-Fi. Even though your smart hub will plug into your Wi-Fi router, the hub communicates with other smart devices on a different frequency making interference nonexistent. Yes, the size of the house does not matter because Z-Wave runs on a type of network called a "mesh network. Perfect for outside lights. Ours are outside of our garage and are absolutely amazing!

Light pollution: towards a right to darkness?

We have only recently installed these bulbs, but thus far, they work very - very well. Should something change, I will update this review, but if you are in the market for something like this Outside front porch and garage lights. The bulb turns on when it is dark and turns off when it is light.

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We used it for outside lights. Not sure what you are asking. They turn on as soon as it gets to dusk or dark. I have three fixtures outside operated by one light switch and they all turn on pretty much at the same time. Looks like someone is up and about in your house, even if they may not be home. Nice golden colored light for outside.

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Yes, it works fine. No problem. I only use these for my outside lights. These work great, I have them in my outside light fixtures and they come on and turn off at the right times and work in all weather. I put this in an outdoor light post a few months ago. Works perfectly.

Explore motion sensor light bulbs for outside

Still don't know how long it will last.. Just got these bulbs Mine is higher than that on outside porch. I have one in an outside lamp post that is sealed. These lamps came intact, fit perfectly in outside coach lights, exactly as advertised, and work as intended: On at Dusk, Off an Dawn. Works great. I use mine outside but I suspect the bulb will stay on as long as it is in a very dark area. Sensor is not readily visible unless the entire lower portion of the bulb is actually the sensor.

I have 5 of the bulbs installed in 5 outside fixtures and thus far, all have worked flawlessly. A good LED light disk to dawn. Did not sence motion. I have not used bulbs inside my house yet, but I have them in my outside lights by my front door. They are typical entry lights that look like carriage lights and have glass on all sides.

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The bulbs work great, I love them. I have 4 outside the front of my house, all in enclosed fixtures and they work great! I just bought them a few months ago so I can't speak to longevity yet I have had no problems with them, they are bright and I love them.

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  6. Skip to main content Explore motion sensor light bulbs for outside. Amazing product!!! See what other customers said. Dusk to dawn bulbs. Turn any outside light fixture into a dusk to dawn light. Great light sensor bulbs - work perfectly on the outside Light bulbs.

    See what customers said about outside 5 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase. See full review. Im no longer running outside to my detached Need to buy for outside lights.