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Some versions of the myth claim that Oinomaos was in fact her husband, not her son, and that after having four children together, he later became King of Pisa.

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Celaeno, like Asterope, shines less brightly than the others, supposedly because she was once struck by lightning by Theon the Younger. However she had many children including sons Lycus wolf and Chimaereus part lion, dragon and goat by the Titan Prometheus, and sons Lycus and Nycteus by Poseidon, the god of the sea. Taygete Tiggy — in the myths, Taygete, like Maia, valued her independence and lived alone in the mountains.

Zeus also had his eyes set on Taygete and tried to seduce her.

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Before he could reach her, she ran into the arms of Artemis, who turned Taygete into a doe so that she could escape the clutches of Zeus. Hercules also tried to woo her. Electra — known as the third brightest star Electra bore four children, one of which was Dardanus, who later became the founder of the ancient city of Troy. As legend has it, the Kiowa tribe were moving south for the winter, when they camped by a stream where there were many bears.

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One day, seven young girls were playing further along the stream when suddenly some of the bears began to chase them. The frightened girls leapt onto a small rock and asked the Great Spirit to protect them. The bears however continued to claw away at the rock, leaving deep scratch marks and making it grow even taller, pushing the seven little girls into the stars. The Western Mono Indians believed the Pleiades stars represented a group of wives who were excessively fond of eating onions and were thrown out of their homes by angry husbands!

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Repenting in their loneliness, the husbands sought out their wives, but in vain. Hinewhaitiri had heard so much about these spectacular hui but had never actually attended one herself. At certain times during the autumn months the wind changed and a cool blustery wind blew in from the sea, these were the perfect conditions for a hui marangai to be held.

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The trouble for Hinewhaitiri, and indeed for everyone, was that they could never know the exact time or day that the wind would change. The sea winds were different from the land winds and unpredictable in nature, but if two double claps of thunder were heard everyone knew that that was the signal for a hui marangai to begin.

The children of the elements used these hui to practise their skills. Whether it was the biggest thunder clap, the flashiest lightning strike, the fiercest wind or the greatest downpour, they came from miles around to show off what they were capable of.

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If you didn't make it to the hui, it was bad luck, no one waited for you to arrive, or really cared whether you were there or not. One time while Hinewhaitiri was lolling around with her friends playing chasing games they all heard two distinctive claps of thunder. They froze in mid air, even though the wind children were trying their hardest to blow them in every other direction. Suddenly two more claps of thunder boomed across the sky, confirming that a hui marangai was about to begin.

Everyone jumped at the same time, twirled out of the grip of the wind children in an anticlockwise motion, changed the gentle breeze into a blustery wind and headed straight towards the mountains.

When they arrived the hui was already in full swing. Huge flashes of fork lightning pierced the sky and hit the earth with such force that trees were set on fire. Deafening claps of thunder followed causing houses and buildings to shake, fierce winds blew trees from the ground, rain flooded rivers and swamped houses sending people from the village below into a panic.

As Hinewhaitiri waited in line for her turn to show off her thunder clap prowess she looked down at the people trying desperately to save themselves. Trees were falling over, catching fire, then getting drenched by the torrential rains. Rivers were bursting their banks; roofs were being torn from houses. It seemed as though no one and nothing would be spared.

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  • Hinewhaitiri was distracted when it came for her turn to conjure up her loudest thunder clap. She was still thinking about the poor people below when she swung her large arms together and produced the weakest clap of thunder that had ever been heard. Everyone laughed at once, so much so that the hui could not continue.

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    No one had the energy for any more destruction, they were too busy holding their sides and laughing. Lycaon , in Greek mythology , a legendary king of Arcadia. Traditionally, he was an impious and cruel king who tried to trick Zeus , the king of the gods, into eating human flesh.

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    • Lycaon himself was turned into a wolf. The story of Lycaon was apparently told in order to explain an extraordinary ceremony, the Lycaea, held in honour of Zeus Lycaeus at Mount Lycaeus. According to Plato Republic , Book VIII , this ceremony was believed to involve human sacrifice and lycanthropy assuming the form of a wolf. The Greek traveler Pausanias implies that the rite was still practiced in the 2nd century ad. A third Lycaon was a son of Ares who was killed by Heracles.