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He earlier served in the Maryland House of Delegates from to and as United States Attorney from to He resides in Harford County, Maryland. JOHN W. He resides in Annapolis, Maryland. American History. In the White House with George H. Edith Witt was also a talented writer and left behind a rich archive that illuminates the wartime experiences of civilian women.

We worked long hard hours with sometimes a day off a week. I was always tired, high on excitement, adventure, joy and sorrow, and thousands of people, mostly men. I got to know more about my country and about Americans than I had ever known before and I loved them dearly. He is the author or editor of six books, including Recreation and Youth Development.

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He resides in Bryan, Texas. World War II. Military History. In Danger 79er, historian James H. Willbanks tells the remarkable story of Lt. James F. Hollingsworth, a three-time recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross along with four Silver Stars, six Purple Hearts, and a host of additional medals and commendations.

George S. He lined up his thirtyfour tanks and issued a command rarely heard in modern warfare: Charge! Patton later recognized Hollingsworth as one of the two best armored battalion commanders in the war.

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Even after retirement from active duty, Hollingsworth continued to serve as a military adviser during the Cold War. Danger 79er provides a compelling and inspiring read as it recounts the exciting story of one of the most decorated soldiers in the history of the US Army. He resides in Georgetown, Texas. Vietnam War. Cold War. Muster is how the Aggie Spirit, comprising every Aggie who has ever lived, is remembered and celebrated. The restoration of these speeches proved challenging, as many were hidden in archives and newspaper fragments and others on phonograph recordings.

Within these speeches are the commanding voices of military heroes such as Dwight D. Together, these voices represent the Aggie Spirit, giving us historical snapshots and perspectives of the university, the state, and the country spanning two centuries.

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Most importantly, they continue a hallowed tradition that honors those who have gone before and inspires those who remain. He resides in College Station, Texas. Aggie Books. Education History. Landmark Speeches. Adams Jr.

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Texas, home to more than 1. Each year, more than 12, veterans are laid to rest in these hallowed grounds. Author Michael Lee Lanning, a US Army veteran, has not only reconstructed the history of these cemeteries as a tribute to the fallen but has also compiled a useful resource for the living. Lanning details the exact locations, eligibility requirements, and contact information throughout the state for those veterans and their families who might choose to make use of these important public services. For lovers of Texas history and military history, The Veterans Cemeteries of Texas is a gripping tribute to past, present, and future Texas veterans and the solemn places where they rest in their last formation and final parade.

He resides in Lampasas, Texas.

Texas Military History. Heritage Travel.

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Alexander and Dan K. From two veteran ecologists comes a new and sweeping exploration of the natural history of Texas in all its biological diversity and geological variation. Few states, if any, can match Texas for its myriad species, past and present, and its many distinctive landscapes, from prairie grasslands and hardwood forests to coastal lagoons and desert mountains. Beginning with the stories of how biologists and naturalists have over time defined the ecological areas of this very big state, the authors visit each of the eleven regions, including the Texas coast.

Throughout, the authors remain especially conscious of the conservation and management issues affecting the natural resources of each region, revealing their deep affection for and knowledge about the state. Bolstered by a glossary, further reading suggestions, a description of state symbols, and an appendix of scientific names, this is an educational and essential volume for all Texans. Natural History. Edited by Michelle M. This new series will showcase works that integrate diverse disciplines, inspiring discussions of how natural history is rooted not only in other areas of biology but in human culture, history, philosophy, arts, sociology, and even politics.

This series emphasizes the integral nature of natural history and its importance to understanding the world around us. William I. Lutterschmidt and Brian R. Chapman serve as coeditors of the series and welcome works written for professional, scientific, and general audiences. He is the coauthor of Ecology of North America.

ERIC G. Dama gazelles, the largest of the gazelles, were once a common sight in Northern Africa, with a habitat ranging from the Atlantic Ocean east almost to the Nile River. Today, these animals are critically endangered as their populations have dropped precipitously due to the effects of expanding agrarian practices, overhunting, violent human conflict, and climate change on their native habitats. In The Dama Gazelles, Elizabeth Cary Mungall brings together experts from around the world and offers a comprehensive reference book on these animals, including information on natural history and taxonomy; physical and behavioral traits; dama gazelles held in zoos and collections, parks and preserves, and on Texas ranches; and efforts to reintroduce populations into the wild.

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There is also a rare, firsthand account from Frans M. Detailed appendixes and a glossary round out the volume with additional information to help researchers, zookeepers, and landowners better understand and conserve dama gazelles.

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Number Fifty-Eight: W. Moody Jr. Natural History Series. She lives on a ranch near Kerrville, Texas. Roel R. Lopez, Michael L. Morrison and Israel D. Author Jim Heffelfinger presents a wide array of data in a readerfriendly, well-organized way. With a clear mission to make his information not only helpful, but entertaining and attractive as well, each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of understanding deer.

The clear, detailed table of contents will help readers flip right to the section they want to investigate.