Islam Versus America, What Muslim Terms Really Mean For Americans (The Islamorealist Series Book 1)

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You can't just have the environment anymore and survive as a school. Ilhan Omar, seven others to run for Congressman Ellison's open seat. She is one of eight Democrats vying for Congressman Keith Ellison's open seat. On Tuesday, Ellison announced he is not running for re-election to Congress and withdrew his filing for the Fifth District. He filed instead to run for Minnesota Attorney General.

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Keith Ellison D-Minn. Ellison has been in Congress since , and served as deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee since last year, as a leader of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party.

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A business that had its originally successful bid to purchase the former Youth Development Center overturned is suing those it blames for the sale being canceled. Aaron Bernstine, who is listed among the defendants, issued a statement Tuesday afternoon that he had been served a civil summons in which Hira claims that Bernstine and other defendants violated its rights during the bidding process.

His deep involvement with MOA was exposed by the Clarion Project at the time, triggering a statewide controversy. Now, Jones is running for Congress and styling himself as a progressive interfaith leader. To Know Muhammad is to Know Islam. Fortunately, for both Muslims and non-Muslims, Muhammad is not around so that we can personally observe his conduct and be tempted to emulate him. What is possible, however, is to go to authentic Islamic records and discern what Muhammad did during his life and judge it for ourselves.

The absence of Muhammad is fortunate for the Muslims because it enables them to spin many yarns about how virtuous he was. There are more stories about the kindness, his generosity, his forbearance, and whatnot than any dozen men could do in ten lifetimes.

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Muslims, heads in the sand, keep reciting to each other all these made-up tales. It is fortunate for non-Muslims that we won't be inclined to do some of things Muhammad did. Many accounts of his actions, as recorded and reported by reliable, authoritative Muslim sources, would be considered criminal in the civilized societies of today.

Dearborn mosque considers banning Israeli military from entering. After protests from some congregants, one of Michigan's biggest and oldest mosques may ban Israeli military officers from visiting. If Jones wins the Democratic primary for the at-large congressional district, he will face Republican Rep. Don Young in the general election. Texas town elects first Muslim councilman, defeating Tea Party candidate. On Saturday, Salman Bhojani was elected to the Euless City Council, triumphing over a conservative state lawmaker's ugly campaign attacks on his religion and immigrant background.

Bhojani, a lawyer who moved to the U. But both during and after the campaign, Bhojani has tried to focus on nonpartisan local issues. Bhojani spent the last four years on the city's parks and recreation board, and ran unsuccessfully for a council seat two years ago. More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Democrats, [are] running for public office across the U.

Many are young and politically inexperienced, and most are long shots.

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Although their number seems small, the candidacies mark an unprecedented rise for the nation's diverse Muslim community that typically has been underrepresented in American politics. This is one of a multitude of reprehensible actions done by Zakkout, yet Crime Stoppers continues to embrace him.

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American Muslims launch political campaigns, hope to deliver 'sweet justice' to Trump. Fayaz Nawabi has never met President Donald Trump. Taqiyya about Taqiyya.

Back in and on his own website, Levant had accused Awan of taqiyya in the context of Awan's and the Canadian Islamic Congress' earlier attempts to sue Mark Steyn. The Insanity of Open Borders.

Now, people can be easily removed from such cultures, but they cannot easily be liberated from what those cultures have done to them. Scientology is commonly known as the religion of the stars. Its reach inside Hollywood is deep, and celebrity recruitment is a huge component of the group's marketing strategy. It sounds strange to describe the proselytizing efforts of a religion as a marketing strategy, but Scientology is unlike any other American religion.

It operates as a business at best and as a cult at worst.

Muslim behavior/terrorism correlated with population size

In turn, the Nation of Islam has access to the power that Scientology wields, including its vast real-estate holdings and the infrastructure it uses to attack its defectors and opponents. The Muslims and Muslim Brotherhood are going hyper political, a sign of preparation for the upper house.

This negates the argument that Shariah is just a personal faith and not to be imposed on non-Muslims. They are also using interfaith dialogue and interfaith churches as political cover for their infiltration.

The Rise of the New, Liberal Islamophobia | Common Dreams Views

Muslim running for Broward County Commission and his terror-linked pals. In Florida's Broward County, the corruption runs deep. And it's just the type of environment that Muslims thrive in. One candidate for County Commission, Dist. But a local website pointed out that the county commission already had a Muslim elected. Threat fusion centers were sold to the masses as a tool to keep us safe, an extra layer of protection.

In reality, as Leo Hohmann dot com reveals, they are really a tool for destroying the tattered remains of the nation's Fourth Amendment and stifling the rights of non-liberals. A full week after Brenda Arthur was visited by " an officer with the West Virginia State Police ," she is still unsettled by it.

She had filed a Freedom of Information Act request about a certain mosque and police wanted to know why. Even though Islam has posed a terrible threat in the U. In South Charleston, West Virginia, the Islamic Association of West Virginia has caused the lady a good deal of concern since they have " hosted an openly anti-Semitic preacher in the past. Paducah's Muslim families now have a local center for worship after moving into a vacant church.

The Islamic Center of Paducah started hosting prayer services earlier this year at its new Berger Road location. President of the Islamic Center's Board Amna Ali says the group bought the vacant church in January and is now nearly finished with renovations. How is the FBI so ignorant about the threat of Islam? Muslim Brotherhood and is ideologically aligned with them. In UTT's experience, all of the federal agents who attend our training programs, including FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force JTTF personnel, have never heard the material we present, yet all of them agree it is critical to protecting their local communities.

Canadian far-right activist becomes third person to be barred from Britain in 72 hours for anti-Muslim views. It is understood the year-old was hauled in for questioning over concerns surrounding an incident last month in Luton where she is accused of distributing racist material in the form of Islamic posters. Army captain who had served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was stabbed to death in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian terrorist who was then shot dead by Israeli police. While the Force family mourned, the terrorist's family on the West Bank celebrated and pocketed cash from the Palestinian Authority, as do all terrorists' families.

If young Muslims in Western countries who get involved in juvenile crimes stop what they're doing and become observant in Islam, authorities should breathe a sigh of relief, no? That's what Australian authorities encouraged recently. Things didn't work out quite the way they had hoped. A young Muslim named Raban Alou, according to the Daily Mail Australia, "had been in trouble with the law as a teenager, for drug use, robbery and armed robbery.

Muslims gets special use permit to build mosque in Coldwater. Mayor Tom Kramer said the project "is no different than the other 30 churches we have in town.