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Using a Weapon Upgrade Bench, it's possible to upgrade a Common Shotgun, for example, all the way to Legendary provided you've harvested enough mats to do so.

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Here are the costs associated with advancing each tier. While it's still technically possible to find a high-tier weapon by random chance, upgrades offer a path to guarantee them if a player chooses. In order to upgrade a weapon in Fortnite , players must find a Weapon Upgrade Bench.

These benches look like this. Here are just a few spots to look out for. You can upgrade the MediaWiki database in two ways: Either from the command line or from the web browser. If you have shell access to your server, upgrading from the command line is recommended, since this reduces the risk of the upgrade process being interrupted by a timeout or connection reset. Access the command line of your server or an SSH shell or similar.

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You can access the command line by connecting to your server via SSH. From the command line or the Shell, change to the maintenance directory and execute the update script :. Note for simple installations on Windows e. Then run update. The resulting command prompt window will likely autoclose when the schema upgrade completes.

Upgrader's Guide

After that message the update aborts. Reason for this error is that the command line can use another PHP version than that one which you have when you execute MediaWiki from the web server. When you get this message you should check, if you can execute a newer PHP version on the shell by using a different command: That might e.

If another version is available and - if so - under which name, depends on the setup of your server. If it does not work, ask your hoster; he will surely know.

See a Problem?

MediaWiki will inspect the existing schema and update it to work with the new code, adding tables and columns as needed. These are the user and password needed by this script in order to access to the database. Individuals who have their site hosted by providers who provide both php4 and php5 should take the following steps:. If your database is already big and in high production usage, then you should not be using the Web updater, e. In that case you should use update.

What exactly is "too big" depends on your server e. If your wiki is too big for the web updater and your hosting provider does not allow command-line access, then you need to migrate your wiki to another hosting account, preferably to one that does have shell access. It might happen that the web-updater does not seem to work: Instead of seeing the initial language selection screen, you might see an empty wiki page, possibly with some error message.

Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide

In this case, rename the. Then you should be able to access the web-updater. Once the upgrade has been completed, browse to the wiki and check that the following operations work as expected:.

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If the only file you have modified is LocalSettings. The amount of human work involved is only a few minutes. The database schema changes will take an amount of time proportional to the size of your database — potentially hours for wikis with millions of pages, but for a more typical size of a few thousand pages, it is usually done in seconds.

Minor upgrades, within the same major version, say from 1. You can just update the files. The database needs no update, hence it is not necessary to run the installer script. Upgrading from 1. Upgrading becomes difficult if you have modified our source code, and you don't want your changes to be overwritten. Tools such as diff , patch , Meld or WinMerge may be useful. There is also potential for trouble if you are using unmaintained extensions. Upgrade your extensions at the same time as you upgrade MediaWiki. If you have modified the skin or use a custom skin you very likely will have to adjust it to work again with the new version of MediaWiki.

It depends: If you are upgrading from MediaWiki 1. Next, run update. You may need to upgrade to MediaWiki 1. If you want to make a database dump e. If you are upgrading from MediaWiki 1.

The vast majority of reports, as well as automated testing, indicate that doing it in one step works just fine. If you have trouble believing this, read this mailing list post. However, please note that when you update from old versions, chances that you will encounter PHP errors are bigger than when you upgrade from the version directly previous to the new version.

You would have received these errors anyway, also if you had not skipped versions, but if you had each time done each single update. Only will you - when you skipped versions - get them all at the same time. This will make the upgrade more difficult, but do not forget that you did not have the trouble updating to the intermediate versions, which you skipped! Often times after dying, players will say that if they just had a better weapon, they would have survived. With the addition of Fortnite upgrade benches, that excuse is now invalid. Now, if you have a handful of materials and a base weapon, you can upgrade your weapons from Uncommon to Legendary with the click of a button.

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  • Each weapon upgrade in Fortnite will require four things: wood, brick, steel, and a base weapon. The amount of materials you will need to upgrade your weapon in Fortnite is going to depend on the rarity of your base weapon.